Make Peace with Food: The Anti Diet Survival Guide


Short and Sweet:

  • Bree’s 45-page ebook combines: unlearning diet rules, making peace with all foods, and reclaiming freedom step-by-step.
  • The mission: learn how to “listen to your body” and trust yourself around food (instead of relying on strict rules) so you can create a flexible relationship with food you actually enjoy.
  • Easy to read, full of real-life examples, and makes it easy to transition from dieting to intuitive eating (without feeling lost or stuck).

Lemme guess: You keep hearing the words “food freedom”, “intuitive eating”, and “listen to your body” and you have no clue what that even means in YOUR life!! Let me help you ditch your diet, make peace with all foods, and start taking real steps toward freedom… instead of sitting around and hopelessly waiting for something to change on its own. My friend, you have so much more power than you think you do!!! It’s my #1 mistake that I didn’t get a clear understanding of what all of this meant sooner, and since I know how much easier healing my relationship with food would have been, I want to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes I made!

That’s why I put together an INCREDIBLE ebook to hold your hand through the transition process. Intuitive eating is absolutely not the hunger-fullness diet. So we’ll go over how to *actually* break down what intuitive eating means to YOU. That way, you can jump right into making REAL changes (without getting held back by the normal roadblocks of intuitive eating). It’s not as scary as you’d think… plus, what you’re going through is way more common and normal than you even realize!! My 45-page Anti Diet Survival Guide ebook is loaded with my best-kept secrets for healing my relationship with food: from overcoming all of my fear foods to eating with 0 food rules at all… I’ve totally got you covered! This easy and simple read makes it easy to understand the ins and outs of food freedom and includes real-life examples and strategies for reclaiming your freedom for life.

The Diet Cycle Roadmap: Your Step by Step Plan to Freedom


Short and Sweet:

  • Bree’s 49-page ebook is a complete guide to breaking up with the diet cycle of restricting and overeating. It breaks down how to: recover from a moment of overeating without restricting, learn from past experiences with the cycle to prevent it in the future, and how to create strategies to break the cycle for GOOD.
  • The mission: learn how to break free from the diet cycle by understanding the root cause of eating wayyyy too much food, then develop strategies to create a super simple system to stop the overeating-diet cycle for good.
  • Easy to read and full of strategies with real examples from someone who GETS IT.

If you’ve struggled with the dieting-overeating cycle before, I know you’ve tried to stop it! But the thing is, overeating is incredibly hard to stop once the urge is there. Which is why so many “band-aid” fixes only delay the inevitable spin of overeating. WE’RE NOT DOING THAT HERE. Instead, the goal is to see the cycle coming a mile away and do something about it before it even gets close to happening. You’re going to learn how to better understand overeating (there are 3 major reasons why it happens – and they all need different solutions), so you can bounce back from them without guilt, shame, or frustration… which will allow you to prevent them in the future!

My #1 regret is that I didn’t realize I needed to practice these strategies without giving up. News flash: THE DIET CYCLE IS COMPLICATED. So it’s highly unlikely that any strategy you try is going to work immediately (that’s totally normal and part of why it’s so hard to stop for good!). However, we’ll break down what progress *actually* looks like so you can stay the course long enough to see the results you’ve been hoping for all along! Yup, patience and practice are the ultimate things you need to stop the cycle for GOOD! No more struggling with the dieting-overeating cycle for you, we got this!

The Food Freedom Academy

A Bree Shook Course

The step by step blueprint to food freedom. Are you ready to stop dieting, eat intuitively, and reclaim your life back from food?

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