Thank you for buying my e-book! Do you know how excited I am for you? You decided to take a huuuuuge step forward in showing food who’s boss (YOU!). My friend… YOU. ARE. AMAZING. You know what’s also amazing? Being a student in the Food Freedom Academy – I’d love to be there to support you every step of the way!


(You started dieting to get control of food, but now it feels like you’re losing control all over again.)

And while you don’t want to mess up your routine, you know something has to change because the never-ending cycle of dieting and eating wayyyy too much (really really) sucks.

  • Do you need to find more “balance”?
  • But if you have one bite, what if you can’t stop?
  • Maybe you’re just not dieting hard enough and you need to use more willpower. *UGH*
  • .


And you’re ready for food to finally be easy.




30 Day Online Course & Community with Bree Shook


for the you that’s been waiting for a lot more freedom & a much better balance




You know that cookie-cutter diet strategies don’t work…

And you’re ready for something that walks YOU through the entire process, from start to freedom, so you can stop the cycle of restrictive dieting and eating everything in sight.

Think of this as your master plan. Your one-way ticket off the diet rollercoaster.

I’m going to teach you everything I know, as a coach who has actually been there, with a behind the scenes look at the exact strategies my clients and I all used to stop dieting, find freedom, and trust that our bodies can handle themselves around food (no matter how much we think we need to micromanage them!).


I’ve got years of coaching under my belt, combined with more than a hundred women just like you in the exclusive course coaching group (all of which are at different stages of their journey and are ready to help YOU). And for the first time, we’re all joining forces to help each other stop dieting, together.

I’m Bree Shook, and 3 years ago, I ended my 10-year relationship with dieting.

Now? I’m totally free to eat how I want to without getting stuck in yet another diet that promises me weight loss only to end in guilt, eating all the food, and…. repeat.

I’m telling you exactly how I stopped obsessing over my food and found a way of eating that was mine. It wasn’t because I found the “right” diet or developed more willpower — it’s more like I stopped forcing the things that didn’t work and used simple, “I can actually do this in real life”, strategies instead.

The Food Freedom Academy was created to teach you those exact strategies, step by step.


You’re striving for this idea of “balance”, but you have no clue how to do it without feeling like you’re totally lost between wanting to be free and being afraid of losing control.

You’re seeing your friends and family (and what feels like everyone else) enjoying themselves around food no matter the calories or ingredients, and you want THAT.

You want to take that trip, go to that restaurant, buy that food you used to love, but you’re too worried that it will make you gain weight and sacrifice all you’ve been working for.


Get unstuck from restriction

Let’s jump into the course by breaking down exactly what’s been holding you back from food freedom so we can get a clear understanding of what changes you need to make.

It’s about taking the right steps at the right time, so this module will walk you through the beginnings of starting your transformation (the most important part!). Stop trying to switch from restrictive dieting to food freedom without ditching your diet FIRST. Let’s get real honest about the roadblocks you need to break through (there are 4 specific ones) and then we can build your strong foundation of food freedom on top of that so you can grow, flourish, and live the life that makes you the happiest version of you!

What does that look like for you?

When you live with food freedom, break free from all the dieting rules, and start eating intuitively, you will feel confident (and relieved) to eat without guilt, anxiety, or stress. Your relationship with food will transform (and so will the rest of you!). As for your diet, there’s no set of rules. It’s just you and the freedom to eat intuitively.


Play by your rules

Now that we uncovered exactly what’s been holding you back from food freedom, let’s break down the strategies you’ll use to make peace with all foods and figure out the way of eating that’s easiest for you.

This week, I’ll teach you how I ditched my restrictive food rules without feeling lost or overwhelmed in the process… and how to navigate that feeling of eating allllll the foods after restrictively dieting for so long. You’ll get the simplest, step-by-step strategies to playing by YOUR rules (because I’ve learned it’s way smarter to have some structure than none at all). From redefining what’s okay to eat, to how much is okay to eat, to when it’s okay to eat, this is how you take your rightful power back from food.

What does that look like for you?

You’re going to get the full scoop on not just what works to eat all foods without guilt, but how to give yourself unconditional permission to eat what makes you happy without being afraid of eating way too much. I’ll help you design a personalized strategy to nourishing your body, crushing your food guilt, and more! Yup, no more getting trapped in diets for you!


Conquer your fears

If there’s one thing you can’t have food freedom without it’s THIS (and it’s kinda surprising!) I mean, who would have guessed that in order to fully embrace your new found food freedom that you need a life beyond food to make it happen? Well, not this chick! But when I realized nothing was sticking as well as I wanted it to, I figured out the super important reasons why…

Turns out food freedom is 100x easier when you’ve made peace with your body and created a lifestyle that means MORE to you than what you’re eating and what you look like. Don’t get me wrong, I still care deeply about those things, but they don’t control my life anymore. Now that’s *really* food freedom.

What does that look like for you?

You’ll get your life back (yes, really!) because less stress and more freedom is why we’re here! Not only will you have an easier relationship with food, you’ll get back all the time and energy you used to spend on food (that you can now use to live the life that makes you happy). Food freedom is about figuring out what that all looks like. Who is the real you without food holding you back? I’m excited to find out!


Yess, there’s more!

Right when you log in, you’ll get these extras:

– Exclusive access to my online Food Freedom Academy coaching group, where you can share your wins, get feedback, and lean on a group of incredible women who can relate to what you’re going through and who always have your back.

– The Food Freedom Workbooks so you not only understand how to make changes, but how to heal your relationship with food on a deep level that forever transforms the way you think about food.

– Lifetime access so you can take this course whenever you need a refresher, or if you feel a pull from diet culture (cause you know, it’s always going to be around us!)

Let’s get real, we want the best! So, you get access to the Food Freedom Academy, the coaching group, and the workbooks for life. Food will always be in our lives, but diets don’t have to be!

I almost cried into my bowl of pasta

Small victory today! I actually ate food WITHOUT weighing it out or measuring out by volume. I don’t know how many calories or serving sizes I had and I don’t CARE. Of course, I still have a lot of work to do but this is a start.

I almost cried into my bowl of pasta because I was just so relieved and so happy to know that I can EAT without obsessing over the food scale!

– Food Freedom Student, Coaching Group Conversation –


Bree covers things I never even considered

Not only does Bree give you day-by-day specific tips and steps to finding food freedom and developing self-love, but she uses personal examples and provides worksheets for you to deeply analyze yourself and apply these tips to your everyday life. From intuitive eating, to self-care, to social media, to our childhood struggles, Bree covers things I never even considered while on my journey of recovery and finding happiness. With the help of this program, I truly believe that anyone who struggles can determine the route of their issues and transform into a happy, healthy, and confident person! Thank you Bree!!

– Stephanie Faust, NICU Nurse, @findingfullness –


you feel like your best friend is with you everyday

Bree’s approach to finding freedom from food is refreshingly simple, in the best way. She walks you through everything step by step, breaking down on the elusive “How To’s” involved in healing your relationship with food. The best part is you feel like your best friend is with you everyday supporting you.

– Cara Carin Cifelli, Holistic Health Coach,, @caraskitchen –


I had so much life reflection in the first two weeks

Your story, and delivery of your message was such an organic fit for me I signed up for your course and loved it. I had so much life reflection in the first two weeks that I haven’t yet completed the course all the way. I spend a half hour with the workbook every morning and there were so many light bulb moments that I almost couldn’t absorb it all on the daily. I’ve really loved it.

– Food Freedom Student, Coaching Group Conversation –


She makes Food Freedom possible for everyone

As a fellow coach in the industry I must say that Bree takes Food Freedom to a whole different level. She has climbed the mountain herself, taken notes of the hurdles along the way, and made it to the summit. To put it simply, SHE GETS IT. But most importantly, her commitment to bringing everyone to the top of the mountain with her is absolutely astounding and her passion, love and care stands out alllll throughout Food Freedom.

From the videos to the workbooks, it feels like Bree is literally right there next to you, reminding you that Food Freedom is more than possible and you are worthy of having it day-in and day-out. Her coaching style is relatable, clear, and actionable. She makes Food Freedom possible for everyone with her step-by-step coaching method, so no matter where you are in your journey right now, trust that Bree will guide you to ultimate Food Freedom!

– Mary Jelkovsky, Body Image Coach,, @maryscupofteaa –


My belly does not define who I am

I have been taking my time going through the course again & I find it helpful to listen to some of the videos a few times through- making productive use of walks with my dog!

I listened to day 25 several times & listened to day 26 today. Before my yoga this morning, I went and stood in front of the mirror, pulled up my shirt & looked at my little belly with a smile on my face. As someone who has loathed my stomach for as many years as I can remember, this was a huge accomplishment 🙂

Thanks Bree! You are right- changing my body won’t change how i feel about myself, so I need to love myself right now & recognize all the qualities I love about myself instead of the 1 thing that bothers me! My belly does not define who I am.

– T.B., Food Freedom Student –


food, self-love, and body acceptance

Bree is an exceptional coach and leader in the field of food freedom. She not only covers the step-by-step process of reclaiming your relationship to food, but also explains how important it is to do the deeper work of self love and body acceptance. If you are ready to leave dieting and restriction behind and reclaim your life, Bree is your girl! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to heal and find true freedom.

– Rini Frey, Eating Disorder Recovery Coach,, @ownitbabe –


My body and I both deserve better

Yes!!! I’m going to journal as much as I can about this and remember the feeling. Right now I’m crazy emotional and I just want to apologize to my body for mistreating it. My body and I both deserve better and I’m so ready to fully take care of myself.

– Food Freedom Student, Coaching Group Conversation –


I’m posting here so I will stay accountable

I’ve been trying to talk myself into deleting my food tracking app since January, but haven’t been able to do it. Tonight I was sitting in church feeling super hungry and trying to think what I could eat at home. I remembered that we had some lasagna and it sounded so good to me, but then I thought I don’t know if it will fit my macros. It was all I could do to not pull out my phone during church to check. Right then I decided I’m going to delete my app tonight and I’m posting here so I will stay accountable. Thanks and hope everyone is having a great evening!!

– Food Freedom Student, Coaching Group Conversation –


No more guilt

I have not had this mind frame in a long time! I feel so much happier today having this support group, best one I’ve joined in long time that “gets it” . No more guilt, we can do this!

– Food Freedom Student, Coaching Group Conversation –


helped me release my restriction mindset

I am so feeling so proud right now! I have ALWAYS struggled while traveling. Not being able to prepare my own food or have easy access to healthy meals lead to me making up excuses to just eat crap. I have been traveling since mid January with another month+ to go. I have been doing shockingly well.

I am so grateful for this program and this group 🙂 My first round through the program helped me release my restriction mindset, treat my body with more kindness, and stop trying to “make up” for previous eating. My second round through helped me actually find that balance and trust my decisions (more than before at least).

– Food Freedom Student, Coaching Group Conversation –


This is NOT a substitute for the proper treatment of eating disorders. Please consult your doctor or for more information on seeking professional help. You must be 18 or older to purchase this course. Learn more



What does it cost?

The Food Freedom Academy was created for women that want to stop food from controlling how they feel about themselves and how they live their lives. They want the easiest way to have freedom without feeling like they’re losing control, getting stuck, or surrendering everything they’ve worked for. What would it feel like to eat what you want, without needing to pay for it later in guilt? (there’s a much better way!) The total value of the course is $297…

You can get started TODAY! Lifetime access for one payment of $30.

What’s Included?

30 Day Course

You’ll get instant access to 30 days of video lessons. Each daily video is ESSENTIAL to teaching you strategies that you will use to find food freedom. You’ll move through the 3 steps of the course, building on what you learn in each step to create a strong foundation of freedom to rely on even after you finish the course.

Food Freedom Workbook

How do you apply what you learn in your real life? Each day of the course comes with a set of actionable workbook questions so you not only understand how to make changes, but how to heal your relationship with food on a deep level that forever transforms the way you think about food.

Online Coaching Group

You’re not taking this course alone! You’ll get exclusive access to my online Food Freedom Academy coaching group, where you can share your wins, get feedback, and lean on a group of more than a hundred incredible women who can relate to what you’re going through and who always have your back. Plus, I’m there checking on the group daily.



We want to make sure you feel 100% comfortable enrolling in the Food Freedom Academy. If you complete the course and feel that there are topics or questions that aren’t addressed in the course, email [email protected] and we will create supplement course materials for you! We are confident in our course and we want you to be confident that we will do everything, in our scope of practice as a coach, to help you!

Do You Offer 1:1 Coaching?

Yes! I have a few options when it comes to 1:1 coaching. These packages are in-course purchases. After you enroll in the Food Freedom Academy, you’ll see the options to add 1:1 coaching.


Add Four 30-minute Coaching Calls with Bree

In-Course Purchase


Add 30 Days of 1:1 Voxer Coaching with Bree

In-Course Purchase


Add Fighter + Conqueror Coaching Packages

In-Course Purchase

What’s Included?


Fighter Package

Add Coaching Calls

You’re a fighter!! And you’re ready for more than just a self-guided program. I got you, friend! Jump on these four 30-minute coaching calls with me and I’ll be there to listen, offer compassionate support, and help you create personalized strategies for reaching your food freedom goals. Together we’ll break down exactly what’s been going on in your life and in your relationship with food, so you can feel comfortable taking action! You get 2 total coaching hours with Bree. Click here to learn more about coaching calls.



Conqueror Package

Add 1:1 Daily Accountability Coaching

Want me to personally coach you through the course? I’m here for you 😉 I use a platform called Voxer, to give you direct access to me! With Voxer, you can send me text messages and audio messages (like a walkie talkie… so cool!) and I’ll be able to answer you directly. You can reach out daily with questions and to get feedback, support, and accountability. It’s like I’m there with you every day, whenever you need me! After the coaching starts, you have access for 30 days. You get 5 total coaching hours with Bree. Click here to learn more about Voxer coaching.


Game Changer

Game Changer Package

Add 1:1 Daily Accountability Coaching + Coaching Calls

Let’s change the game! If you’re serious about getting results, this is the ultimate opportunity to dive DEEP into your personal struggles with food and break through the biggest roadblocks keeping you from freedom. Not only will you get the daily accountability coaching in the Conqueror package, you’ll also get four 30-minute coaching calls with me! These 1-on-1 calls are designed to give you the space to talk through your challenges openly and freely, so we can create a plan to conquer them (together!) once and for all. You get 7 total coaching hours with Bree. Click here to learn more about coaching calls.


Hi! Here’s a little more about me…

I’m Bree Shook and 3 years ago I ended my 10 year relationship with dieting. Since then, I’ve reclaimed my relationship with food (it’s the best feeling!), boiled down everything I learned into a few major steps, and used them to motivate and educate hundreds of women to swap their restrictive diets for freedom. Oh, and I love vanilla soft serve with rainbow sprinkles… so much.



Q: Is this course a treatment for eating disorders?

A: This course is NOT for people who need the care of medical professionals. This is not a substitute for the proper treatment of eating disorders or other serious medical conditions. I will not and do not give medical advice or nutritional advice. Please consult your doctor or for more information on seeking professional help. You must be 18 or older to purchase this course. Nothing on should be construed as personal advice or diagnosis. We are not providing health care, medical or nutrition therapy services or attempting to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure in any manner whatsoever any physical ailment, or any mental or emotional issue, disease or condition. We are not, nor are we holding ourselves out to be a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, therapist, counselor, mental health practitioner, licensed dietitian or nutritionist, member of the clergy, or any other licensed or registered health care professional. Our Content, Products, Programs, and Services are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment that shall be provided by your own medical professionals. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from our research and experience. Learn more.




Q: You’re a health coach, what’s that?

A: I completed my health coaching certification with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. As a coach, I support my clients in healing their relationship with food. I am not a certified medical professional, so I do not offer treatments, diagnosis, or medical advice of any kind. You must be 18 years or older to enroll in this course.




Q: When does the course start and finish?

A: The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish. YOU are the boss!




Q: How do I access my course?

A: The course is hosted by Teachable – a professional e-course platform that provides you with an account and login credentials once you enroll.




Q: How long do I have access to the course?

A: How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own. So cool, right?!




Q: How long will the days take to complete?

A: Each of the days will take about 20-45 minutes to complete from start to finish. The length of each day’s video, the number of workbook questions, and time it takes you to complete the work varies each day.




Q: How does the 100% Confidence Guarantee work?

A: If you complete all the days and still have questions that weren’t answered in the course, you can absolutely email [email protected] and I will personally add supplement information to the course. I have done my absolute best to cover as many topics as possible to help you reach Food Freedom, but, if you need something specific, I want you to be 100% confident that I will do everything, within my scope of practice as a health coach, to give you everything you need!




Q: Could I just find this information for free online?

A: No way! I CREATED this course because I could not find out how to crush restriction and heal my relationship with food anywhere else online. I mean, sure, there are tips and strategies out there, but do you want to use strategies from people that are describing what worked for them… or do you want to use strategies that you create yourself, that are tailored just for YOU, by YOU? Think about the crazy amount of time you’d save by not having to put together strategies from different blog posts and social media feeds, just to *maybe* find something that sorta gives you tiny results.




Q: How do I schedule my coaching calls?

A: When you enroll in the Academy, you’ll see a section for coaching calls once you log into the course. Use the link to my calendar to schedule your FREE 20-minute discovery call. Then, you can pick from my available time slots to schedule the date and time of your call.




Q: How do time zones affect coaching calls?

A: No biggie! I’ve had students from all over the world. I’ve made times available that work for all time zones. If nothing works, let me know and I’ll make special arrangements.




Q: When do my coaching calls expire?

A: You have 1 (one) year from your enrollment date to schedule your calls.




Q: What call service do you use?

A: All calls will be made through a free calling app called WhatsApp. It’s available on Mac, PC, IOS, and Android platforms. Calls are made over WiFi or Cellular Data. If you use Cellular Data to use WhatsApp, additional charges may apply from your data provider.




Q: Can international students enroll?

A: Yes! This course is available to students all over the world. Please keep in mind that this course is only available in English.




Q: What is Voxer?

A: Voxer is a free app available on Mac, PC, IOS, and Android platforms. It allows us to chat using voice and text. It’s like we have walkie talkies. Voxer works over WiFi or Cellular Data. If you use Cellular Data to use Voxer, additional charges may apply from your data provider.




Q: How does Voxer coaching work?

A: During the 30 days of 1:1 accountability coaching in Voxer, you can reach out to me at any time. Please note, due to time zones and availability, I may not respond immediately, but will do so as soon as possible within a maximum of 24 hours. You get a total of 5 coaching hours during the 30 days.




Q: Who can I contact with questions?

A: Me! Just email [email protected] and I’ll be more than happy to help you!


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