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If there was one thing that’d solve all your problems (and mine), it’d be being able to eat whatever you want, whenever you want and still feel amazing, look amazing, and enjoy every single bite… Butttttttt, if there’s one thing we know that seems impossible, it’s probably that!

Well, what if I said it actually wasn’t totally impossible…


Now I’m not saying we can completely eat what we want whenever we want, but there’s definitely truth to this whole “feel amazing, look amazing, and enjoy every single bite” thing I mentioned above.

Because you’re here, (and probably super curious about what this magic impossibility is) I can tell you absolutely have that spark inside of you that wants to change your relationship with food.

Because maybe you’re dealing with…

  • Negative body image issues that keep holding you back from unleashing that inner confidence you know is buried deep inside.
  • Calorie counting that drags you back in like some insane food vortex with perfectly even macro percentages.
  • Food rules that make you so stressed about what the heck you can even eat anymore!
  • Constant dieting that pulls you in every time you try to make peace with your food.

But no matter what you’re going through – you’re ready for your relationship with food to finally be EASY.

You want food to be simple and enjoyable.

You want to RELAX around food without losing your control.

But you just don’t know how to make a plan that you can stick to. You feel stuck.

Trust me, I’ve 100% completely been there.

And deep in my core, I have some unshakable beliefs…

  • I believe you have the RIGHT to love your food and eat what you love. Trust me. I’ll support you in doing it.
  • I believe you have a dream life that goes way beyond food… and I’m here to help you create it in an unstoppable way.
  • I believe you already OWN the tools to heal yourself and empower yourself into getting exactly what you want from this world…. and I’m going to show you HOW.
  • If I’m going to tell you the truth, I also believe that vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles is more deep-soul satisfying than any so-called bangin’ kale salad (oh… I went there).

The point is: you’re stuck in some frustrating eating habits…and I’m here to help you create your dream relationship with food. 

So, who am I, and why can I help you?

Well, hi – I’m Bree 🙂 and it’s amazing to meet you.

I became a certified holistic health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition after graduating from college with a business degree because I came to realize HEALTH was absolutely my passion.

During college, I struggled with what I believed was “healthy eating” (but was really just a whole bunch of restrictive food rules!). While I am in an amazing place now, getting here was honestly a mess. There were plenty of unhealthy relationships with food and fitness before I created the LIFESTYLE that gave me Food Freedom.

Pssst! You can learn more how I healed my relationship with food in these free resources, here.

During my exhausting quest for weight loss, my interest in fitness and weight loss began with logging hours at the gym, swearing off all foods I loved, counting calories, and simultaneously eating whole cartons of ice cream until I finally couldn’t hold my sanity any longer.

Counting calories turned into an unhealthy obsession and it broke my relationship with food! By not fixing the problem (which was my relationship with sugar and my perception of my own body image), I was falling into a bad habit of overeating sweets and processed foods, then restricting myself to a super healthy “clean” diet. Now, that doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it?

So it goes without saying that I don’t believe in counting calories. Also, if someone had told me drinking smoothies every single day and running miles wasn’t going to work for me, I would have totally skipped that phase too! Now if that’s your thing – then awesome! But if it’s not, then that’s exactly why we’re going to make being healthy work for YOU.

How did I actually heal my relationship with food? Well, that’s what I teach! If you’re interested, I specialize in providing super actionable, holistic healing tips for creating a positive body image, breaking through messy relationships with food, and customizing food freedom and intuitive eating so that it * actually * works for YOU 🙂

Before I go, I want to invite you to join my community. By signing up (it’s free), you’ll get access to my all my free downloads, like totally actionable (like start right now) workbooks, and more.

You’ll also get exclusive offers for all of my courses and ebooks (they’re super helpful!).

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And thanks for being here, I hope we can make the best team ever! 🙂

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